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posted 12/15/2023 by Allie P

Lou and his assistant, Joe, were an absolute godsend to work with! First and foremost, we moved our wedding date up by 9months, and we hadn’t yet secured a photographer! Being an extremely picky person, I had only found two photographer’s portfolios that caught my eye. Lou was our first choice. It was not only the realistic coloring (not overly saturated), symmetry, creative angles, and editorial-style compositions, but the way each and every single person in Lou’s portfolio looks so genuinely and unapologetically authentic, comfortable and happy in front of the camera. I knew from first glance, that Lou would be the one (if he was available). Annd to my surprise he was!! From our first phone call- we knew we had found the one! I expressed to Lou that (a lot of times) I don’t know WHAT to do with myself in photos. This being my big day, I wanted to make sure I had a photographer who would tell me how to stand/hold myself in order to capture the best angles, etc. Lou assured me he could help, and on our wedding day, he did JUST that and more! Lou is so incredibly easy going, and shares his expertise in a way that does not overwhelm, but offers such comfort and peace of mind! He knows how to capture the true spirit of a person. He executes such precise attention to detail from planning to production, and beyond! We planned our wedding in approximately 5 months. Lou was in direct communication with us every step of the way! With only a few details collected during contract signing, he was able to create a very detailed schedule/itinerary of our entire wedding day! This was perfect for us, as my husband and I were overwhelmed and short on time, and the suggestions that Lou offered in terms of scheduling and family group shots really helped us out in the long run!! He might as well refer to himself as a wedding planner and photographer because, for us, that is exactly what he was!! On our wedding day, Lou made sure that our timeline was followed exactly to “T”. He never once made anyone in our party feel rushed, but offered gentle timing reminders instead. He and Joe kept everyone in our 30+ person wedding party seamlessly and happily on-schedule!! He made sure to walk the property days before our event in order to find the best angles and times for using natural lighting in our outdoor shots! The final product of our photographs was absolute perfection!! I cannot say enough about Lou’s attention to detail, skill- set, in composing his shots as well as in producing the final images. You will not find such high-quality, professional photographers in this price range!! (One last note- funny enough - my husband and I serve at banquets on the side, and we had the pleasure of working with Lou at an event about 7months after our wedding!! Hands down- he was one of the *most* organized, professional photographers we’ve worked with. He and Joe even took over for the planners in terms of ensuring the bride’s desires schedule was maintained and the event went off without a hitch!) 55 out of 10 - - DEFINITELY recommend! Lou will not disappoint!


posted 11/13/2023 by brittney s

My pictures came out amazing. I recommend Louis Anthony to anyone who is booking a Photographer and Videographer for their wedding day. He dealt with our very wild bridal party (17 girls & 15 boys) with ease & made the day so fun!


posted 12/13/2023 by Dana E

Louis Anthony has been our go-to photographer at Jefferson Health in New Jersey for the past 6 years. He is an excellent photographer who is also reliable, accommodating, and offers quick turnaround. Whether it is a ground-breaking event, holiday party, service awards, or PRIDE Parade, Lou gets the job done!

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